According to the XII Report on Wine Tourism by Città del Vino, in Italy wine tourism has a value of around 2.5 million euros

The 2018 Budget Law has given, for the first time in Italy, a regulatory framework to wine tourism also known as enotourism. The guidelines for establishing the exercise of wine tourism activities are still under discussion in the State-Regions Conference. While waiting for the final provisions, let’s try to understand how the Vulture and its Aglianico can become a popular destination for wine tourists.

Some data on wine tourism

According to a Coldiretti survey carried out in collaboration with the Wine Tourism Movement, 7 out of 10 Italians have purchased at least one bottle of wine directly from the cellar. The XII Report of Città del Vino says that in 2015 the visits to the cellar were around 14 million visitors. The sale of the bottle of wine represents the most important source of income, equal to approximately 70% of the turnover related to wine tourism.

The food and wine tourist

In un report del 2016, la World Food Travel Association ha stilato una lista di profili del turista enogastronomico internazionale. Il lavoro è il risultato di circa 2500 interviste realizzate su undici mercati importanti, come quello dell’Italia, Australia, Stati Uniti, Francia , Spagna e Regno Unito. I profili enogastronomici tracciati sono tredici: autentico, innovativo, eclettico, social, locale, gourmet, biologico, avventuroso, budget, abitudinario, esteta, vegetariano, trendy. Quasi tutti gli intervistati (il 93%) hanno partecipato ad almeno un’attività di rilievo legata al vino nel corso dei viaggi fatti negli ultimi due anni. Tra questi ci sono i culinary travellers, che hanno partecipato a un’esperienza legata al bere e al mangiare in un recente viaggio o per i quali queste esperienze sono tra i motivi principali che li spingono a visitare  un luogo

What services can a winery offer

The services that can attract the wine tourist are different and can attract the tastes of many categories of wine tourists: tasting the wines on the market; the guided tour of the cellar; purchasing products at the company store; guided tasting of particular vintages; adopt a barrique; locations for weddings and events; catering; tasting accompanied by typical products of the area; tasting from the barrels; wine clubs; tasting courses; cooking classes; branded wine bars in other locations; wine museum; bike tours; trekking in the vineyards; educational farms; vinotherapy.

DOC and DOCG Aglianico del Vulture

For the Vulture area and Aglianico, wine tourism is a huge growth opportunity. In recent years, wine-growing Basilicata has aroused much interest among wine lovers and industry professionals. The winelover is looking for new territories to discover, which can tell their story to the visitor. The DOC Aglianico del Vulture and DOCG Aglianico del Vulture specifications are two important tools that the territory must use to attract wine lovers, curious people or simple novices. Far from mass tourist destinations, Vulture and its territory of volcanic origin offer visitors very particular landscapes, where the expanses of Aglianico del Vulture vineyards are pieces of a landscape mosaic.