Evo Essenza: The elixir born from love for our land. Awarded two leaves by Gambero Rosso in 2024, Evo Essenza is not just an olive oil, it is the very essence of the passion that has animated our family for generations. 

Every drop contains the prized fruit of our land, cultivated with love and dedication, just like wine, another pride of our tradition. 

We have always dedicated ourselves to cultivating the Lucanian land with sacrifice and love, capturing the essence of what Vulture offers us. 

The Vulture region boasts volcanic soil, perfectly suited to vineyards and olive groves. This soil gives the oil slightly bitter and pleasantly spicy notes, creating unique organoleptic qualities that distinguish it from all the others.

 Our extra virgin olive oil is produced exclusively from fine native Ogliarola and Coratina olives, meticulously selected and cold-processed. Essenza boasts a fruity and intense flavor characteristic of the Ogliarola olive, completed by a pleasantly bitter and spicy aftertaste typical of the Coratina. 

This bitterness and spiciness are hallmarks of a high-quality olive oil thanks to the presence of abundant polyphenols (antioxidants).

The versatile nature of Essenza makes it a perfect accompaniment to raw and cooked dishes. However, to fully savor its full range of aromas and sensations, we recommend enjoying it on fresh bread, preferably made from durum wheat. 

Every time we taste a new batch of olive oil, we close our eyes and are immediately transported by the aroma of freshly picked green olives – an enveloping, elegant and persistent scent. Like a precious perfume, Evo Essenza contains a concentrate of aromas in every drop, the result of a meticulous selection of olives and an impeccable manufacturing process. 

Essenza extra virgin olive oil: the essence of Mediterranean cuisine and, above all, of daily life.

Evo Essenza


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