It is the Vulture (an extinct volcano, but still bubbling with historical facts and the great characters who have crossed it) with its brown and fertile earth typical of volcanic soils, to give us this miracle, allowing the cultivation of special and rich vines, from whose grapes Aglianico is born. It is in the Vulture that the vineyards of the LAGALA farm extend for about 10 hectares, having been the setting for the company for fifty years. Thanks to very rigorous harvest selections carried out over the years, the policy of quality over quantity has been privileged, marking a production line of continuous refinement, such as to guarantee a presence in the market for medium-high level customers: connoisseurs, restaurants and wine bars specialized. Grapes must be transformed into wine, and this today takes place in constant research, in which nature and tradition coexist with the most interesting and “clean” modern technology.

In Tenuta Lagala, alongside a millenary culture that is handed down in the family, there is in fact the aid of new techniques for a vinified production according to ancient traditions, but with avant-garde means. Innovation and pioneering spirit were therefore the driving forces that led to the birth of this winery .

The cellar Tenuta Lagala is set on two levels, for a total area of about 400 square meters; an underground part for storage andaging of the wine , the other at campaign altitude for other activities: bottling, storage, shipping, etc. It is equipped with new machinery, sized and proportionate to the needs and working and production capacities of the company, and only wines are produced from grapes of its own production. The initial storage of the wines takes place in stainless steel barrels while the refinement and aging is carried out in new wooden barrels Barriques e Tonneaux of French oak . The quality is therefore taken care not only in the selection of the grapes, but also in the processing and conservation of the wine. An activity that when fully operational allows a production potential of approximately n. 50,000 bottles of wine divided between DOC and IGT .

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