Evo Essence Oil 2019 | Awarded with Two Leaves by Gambero Rosso.

Olive oil, together with wine, is the other passion of our family that has always been committed to working the Lucanian territory with a lot of sacrifice and love, capturing everything that the Vulture offers us.

The Vulture is a lava soil, suitable for the cultivation of vineyards and olive groves, which gives the olive oil slightly bitter and pleasantly spicy notes, singular organoleptic qualities, which differentiate it from all other oils.

Our extra virgin olive oil is obtained exclusively from the precious varieties of native Ogliarola and Coratina olives selected and processed with the cold pressing method.

“Essenza” with a fruity and intense flavor typical of the “Ogliarola” olive and a pleasantly bitter-spicy aftertaste typical of the “Coratina” olive. The bitter-spicy olive oil is a quality that takes on an important value due to the high content of polyphenols (antioxidants).

“Essenza” a very versatile yellow-green oil to be combined with both raw and cooked dishes but above all to be tasted on fresh bread, preferably durum wheat, to savor all its aromas, aromas and sensations.

Every time we tasted new olive oil we used to close our eyes and with our eyes closed, we immediately smelled the scent of freshly picked green olives. An enveloping, elegant and persistent perfume. This is how ESSENZA is born, a concentrate of perfumes, in a bottle, which holds them without wasting even a drop.
“Essenza” the scent of Mediterranean cuisine and above all of everyday life.


Production area : Venosa, Basilicata – ITALY
Altitude of the olive groves : 420 m
Cultivar : Coratina, Ogliarola
Collection system : by hand
Extraction system : cold with pressing of the olives and continuous extraction.
The milling takes place within 24 hours of harvesting in order to obtain a very low acidity.
The freshly pressed oil is bottled naturally in the first weeks of harvest.
Format: 500 ml bottle, 200 ml bottle and 3 Lt can

Color : yellow-green
Bouquet : medium-intense fruity of unripe olives with notes of almond with an elegant olfactory profile.
Taste : strong taste with a bitter-spicy aftertaste of medium intensity and high persistence.

Acidity : expressed in oleic acid<0,35 {{{wpml_tag_31}}}Indice di perossidi{{{wpml_tag_32}}}: (meq di o2/kg) > 10k 232:<2,00 {{{wpml_tag_34}}}Polifenoli totali{{{wpml_tag_35}}}: > 150 mg / kg

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