Our Essenza oil was mentioned by the Vitae magazine published by the writer, oleologist and journalist Luigi Caricato.

In 2019, wine lovers, wine bars, restaurants, sommeliers will find Lagala wines on the wine guides ….

Aglianico Lagala vineyard

Enoic Basilicata was born with the spread of viticulture on the Ionian coast by the Greeks and Phoenicians, while the Romans developed it up to the volcanic area of Vulture

Heart of the ancient Enotria, wine-growing Basilicata has a thousand-year history. Although the continental climate would make it an ideal area for white grape varieties, it is instead dominated by black grape varieties on which Aglianico del Vulture stands out. Read more

Aglianico is one of the most important Italian red wines: it owes its success to the characteristics of the volcanic soil of the Vulture

If in recent years Basilicata has become more and more a tourist destination, a lot is due to its wines. Aglianico del Vulture is certainly the most important red wine of the region. Grown on the lava soils of the extinct volcano of Vulture, the red grape variety of Aglianico can boast of the DOC and DOCG denominations. Read more