According to the XII Report on Wine Tourism of Città del Vino, in Italy wine tourism has a value that is around 2.5 million euros

The 2018 Budget Law gave, for the first time in Italy, a regulatory framework to wine tourism, also known as enotourism . The guidelines for establishing the exercise of wine tourism are still under discussion in the State-Regions Conference. Pending the final provisions, let’s try to understand how Vulture and its Aglianico can become a popular destination for wine tourists.

Some data on wine tourism

According to a Coldiretti survey carried out in collaboration with the Wine Tourism Movement, 7 out of 10 Italians bought at least one bottle of wine directly from the cellar . The XII Report of the City of Wine says that in 2015 visits to the cellar were around 14 million visitors . The sale of the bottle of wine represents the most important source of income, equal to about 70% of the turnover linked to wine tourism. 

The food and wine tourist

In a 2016 report, the World Food Travel Association compiled a list of profiles of the international food and wine tourist. The work is the result of around 2,500 interviews conducted on eleven important markets, such as Italy, Australia, the United States, France, Spain and the United Kingdom. There are thirteen food and wine profiles: authentic, innovative, eclectic, social, local, gourmet , organic, adventurous, budget, habitual, esthete, vegetarian, trendy . Almost all respondents (93%) have participated in at least one major wine-related activity during their travels in the last two years. Among these are the culinary travelers , who have participated in an experience related to drinking and eating on a recent trip or for whom these experiences are among the main reasons that push them to visit  a place

What services can a winery offer

The services that can attract the wine tourist are different and can attract the tastes of many categories of wine tourists: the tasting of wines on the market; the guided tour of the cellar; the purchase of products at the company store; the guided tasting of particular vintages; adopt a barrique; location for weddings and events; catering; tasting accompanied by typical products of the area; tasting from the barrels; wine club; tasting courses; cooking class; branded wine shops in other locations; wine museum; bike tours; trekking in the vineyards; educational farms; wine therapy.

DOC and DOCG Aglianico del Vulture 

For the territory of Vulture and Aglianico, wine tourism is a great opportunity for growth . In recent years, the wine-growing Basilicata has aroused a lot of interest among wine lovers and among those in the sector. The winelover is looking for new territories to discover, which know how to tell their own story to the visitor. The disciplinary DOC Aglianico del Vulture and DOCG Aglianico del Vulture  they are two important tools that the territory must use to attract lovers, curious or simple wine neophytes. Far from the tourist destinations of mass, the Vulture and its territory of volcanic origin offer  to visitors very particular landscapes, where the expanses of vineyards of Aglianico del Vulture are pieces of a landscape mosaic. 

Lagala, winemakers in Vulture

“Wine tourism represents a great opportunity for our winery and for the whole Vulture – says Arnaldo Lagala, company owner Lagala, who continues – a few kilometers from our winery is Venosa, the city that gave birth to the Roman poet Orazio and with many monuments to visit. “He continues:” We are working to take full advantage of the opportunity given by wine tourism law, for this reason, in the future we will be able to offer wine tourists many services ranging from the tasting of our DOC wines Massaròn , Aquila del Vulture and Nero degli Orsini and IGP Maddalena Rosso , Rosè or Bianco  to the visit to the cellar or to the trekking among the vineyards, to the restaurant and to the overnight stay: we have many ideas to realize “.