Angelica and Arnaldo Lagala

Arnaldo Lagala: “We produce wine for passion, these medals are the confirmation that the path we have taken is the right one: Aglianico del Vulture is for us a philosophy of life”

Massaròn and Maddalena Rosso were awarded respectively with the Grand Gold Medal and the Silver Medal at Vino é Musica 2018. For the second consecutive year Cantine Lagala participated in the wine festival held in Grottaglie (TA) in the evocative setting of the Ceramics District.

Winning Blind Tasting

Massaròn and Maddalena Rosso  took part in the VI Blind Tasting Wine and Music  and judged both by a jury of expert journalists in the wine sector and by a jury of Italian and foreign buyers. The two wines competed in the “Aglianico mixed group category” section and won – in addition to the palate of the judges – the most coveted recognition and the second step of the podium. Already in the 2017 edition, Cantina Lagala wines have been well talked about. The Maddalena Rosé  he was ranked first in the “Basilicata Territorial Rosé Category” for both the popular and the technical jury. In the “Aglianico Category” , on the other hand, the Nero degli Orsini won second place for the popular jury and first place for the technical one. 

Massaròn, the elegant and noble DOC

Elegant on the palate with noble and mature tannins. Massaròn is the spearhead of Cantine Lagala. Made with Aglianico del Vulture DOC Riserva Basilicata 2007 it is a wine of color  intense ruby red and with shades tending to orange with the prolongation of the aging phase. Hints of ripe fruit, bitter almond, berries, chocolate and vanilla inebriate the palate of winelovers. Refinement and maturation span a period of  24 months in which the wine rests in new oak barrels  French; subsequently it is left to mature in stainless steel tanks until the pre-bottling phase. Raised in the hills on an espalier system, it is harvested exclusively by hand, in boxes. Its aging potential is between 8 and 12 years. Massaròn goes well with grilled meats, roasts, game and aged cheeses.

Maddalena Red with a ruby color 

With an intense ruby red color and with shades tending to orange with the prolongation of the aging phase, it releases hints of berries, cherries and bitter almonds: elegant and fresh on the palate, well structured and rightly tannic. Maddalena Rosso is an Aglianico del Vulture IGT Basilicata 2013 . Raised espalier in the hills on the volcanic soil of the Vulture, after harvesting and vinification it refines and matures  for a period of 6 – 8 months in new French oak tonneaux. It goes perfectly with meats  in general, appetizers, first courses and cheeses. Together with the Bianco and the Rosé, the Rosso gives life to the “Maddalena” line, in homage to the name of the district in the countryside of Venosa, the city of Orazio, where the winery is located.